A new Richie Appreciation

matthewsbrianbenBenaud, an appreciation, Brian Matthews (Text Publishing, softback, 224 pages, $30)

Review by Ken Piesse, author of 52 cricket books

Richie Benaud was the free spirit behind cricket losing its stodginess of the late ‘50s. His passion, inventiveness and sheer skill heralded an extraordinary new era for Australian teams he controlled. Unlike most, his contributions were magnified long into retirement with his Channel 9 commentaries and frontline involvement in the Australian-led revolution of the game from 1977.

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Review: A Pictorial History of Australian Test Cricket

PHTC-text-01pp-part 2-for proofing-A4_Page_011Review: Richard Lawrence, Association of Cricket Statisticians

Australian book dealer, writer and collector Ken Piesse has been collecting cricket memorabilia for the best part of half a century. Not content simply to hoard, however, he has chosen to share his collection of cricket pictures with the wider world in this beautifully-produced hardback. While weighing in at well over a kilo and produced on high quality glossy paper, the book does not feel heavy and is a pleasure to handle.

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