Clunes gems from Booktown

Spent the weekend in Clunes at the 10th annual  Bookfair. Collectors from Melbourne and as far as Camperdown came to visit, the Bradman memorabilia being very popular as always. I had some Vanity Fair replica ‘Spy’ prints too which drew attention. Only 7 remain including the two Australians, Bonnor and Spofforth at $35 each posted.

Gideon Haigh came into our shoppe and signed a copy of Bowled Warnie, one of his very best selling books which took… wait for it… just four weeks to write. He has a very large cricket library and in particular, loves biographies and bought a copy of the Gary Bartlett story, Meteor over Marlborough.

1890sMurdochGrace453Gideon’s latest cricket book is a biography of Victor Trumper, due in October. There is also a Michael Clarke autobiography due for Christmas, written with Malcolm Knox.

Among the cricket books I picked up was a leather-bound version of Mark Taylor’s  1999 autobiography Time To Declare. It is nicely signed inside by Mark and is in good condition at $50 plus post.

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The makings of a Pictorial Test History…

The challenge for cricket authors to write, entertain and inform is ongoing. Just how do you give your book bestselling appeal, one that simply can’t be put down?

It was while pushing the third and heaviest of three crates containing 51 boxes of cricketana uphill to our garage that my wife Susan started shaking her head and seriously pondering my sanity. Again.

Lillee Miandad‘There might be a book in all this,’ I countered.

My acquisition of a mammoth collection of books, ephemera, photographs, posters and pamphlets lovingly collected over a lifetime by Bradman disciple Gordon Vidler in northern New South Wales was a once-in-a-lifetime treasure trove.

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