It’s official: the best cricket book ever

Renowned cricket publishers Wisden have named Australian Christian Ryan’s 2009 book Golden Boy: Kim Hughes and the Bad Old Days of Australian Cricketas the best cricket book ever written. [Read More…]

The new Trumper

“God no doubt could create a better batsman than Victor Trumper if He wished, but so far He hasn’t . . . even Ranji was not so great a match-winner on all wickets.” So ran the emotional words of Neville Cardus, who went further: “Since he accomplished some of his greatest innings in this land, English cricket owes much to his ghost.”

A century on, Sydney schoolteacher Renato Carini adds scientific substance to these views by means of an intensive assessment, the outcome of a very different approach. This chunky volume houses an amazing analysis not only of Trumper’s style and technique but of conditions, match situations, strength of opposition. It is a bulky forensic treatise, a mesmerising book just right for this computerised age. [Read More…]