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Antiquarian books: superb superannuation

Among the most sought after 19th Century Australian cricket publications is CP Moody’s Cricket Album (of) noted Australian cricketers past and present, produced and printed in Adelaide by Hussey and Gillingham in 1898. I have a copy for sale, at $975. It consists of 74 pages of early pictures (teams, individuals and Australian grounds) and is in good condition, having been kept in smokefree environs. I rate it a strong 6 out of 10 condition wise.

moody-aust-cralbumadvertOriginally issued in six monthly parts this is one of the ‘complete’ copies, encased in blue cloth with ‘Australian Cricket Album’ on the front cover.

I do not know for sure if the binding is original. But the Dymocks advertisement sticker is on the inside front cover which makes me believe that it is one of the original copies offered at colonial bookshops at or about the same time as the monthly instalments were issued.moody-aust-cralbumgregory

The book comes from the library of Reuben Dransfield, who was ‘Mr Cricket’ of the Maitland area in country New South Wales. It has his ownership stamp several times on the inside pages. The pictures are simply magnificent.moody-aust-cralbumbannerm

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