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As a Christmas bonus — for 72 hours only — we have a  3-for-2 offer where cricket fans can buy two and receive a third 2016 new book absolutely free.

All books will be delivered by December 23.. but please do act now… in the next 72 hours.

p93 ResilientAmong our Christmas bestsellers are Brad Haddin’s book My Family’s Keeper, Coach by Darren Lehmann and Brad Hogg’s The Wrong Un.

Here are some paragraphs from each:

BRAD HADDIN: ”Is she going to die? Is Mia going to die? The instant my phone buzzed at 6.30 a.m. Caribbean time I knew somethign was wrong back home. The display showed it was Karina calling… she would never have rung at this time unless there was bad news that couldn’t wait. My stomach tightened as I reached iver to the bedside table….’ (to the first three e-subscrobers who take up the 3-for-2 offer, I will send a signed copy of  this Haddin book to you as part of the mix)

DARREN LEHMANN: ‘How would you like to coach the Australian team?’ (said Pat Howard)  ‘F%#$ off!’ Thankfully having played and worked at top-level sport for most of his life Pat  was  used to earthy language. ‘Well if you do want the job then you;ve got the rest of the day to think about it and give me an answer.’  Andrea, Ethan and Amy had just arrived in Bristol about a 90 minute drive west of Bristol. ‘What have you done now?’ said Andrea. I told her about Pat’s offer and by the time I arrived back at the hotel the twins, then 11, were waiting for me in the foyer and bolted out to meet me: ‘You’ve got to take it,’ they said…. Andrea was more measured and asked a key question: ‘Can you make a difference?’
… as soon as I was clear in my own mind that I
could make a difference — and a positive one at that too — our minds were made up. I was in.’

BRAD HOGG: ‘I had a baggy green cap on my head. I was being offered the ball in a Test match. I was officially Australian Test representative number 367… I was pooping myself,.. I had only been bowling chinamen for about a year. I had been wondering if I had to give my gear back if I went on tour and didn’t get a game….’ I simply didn’t feel worthy of my spot. I also knew I was there just to keep Warne’s seat warm… I’d had a restless night as I tried to convince myself I was up to this. I was deeply worried I’d embarrass myself that I would freeze or that my excitement would make me do something really ridiculous. ‘Have you got a plan,’ said (captain) Mark Taylor. ‘Nope’. ‘Right let’s organise something… shortly afterwards Ganguly hit me for six, then he tried to sweep me finer and got a top edge. The ball flew over Healy straight to Mark Waugh at first slip. It was sheer luck on my part, but good planning from the skipper. I am forever indebted to Mark for looking after me on that day…’

To be involved in our 2016 Christmas Promotion  just email me through your New Books order… to or give me a call on (03) 9787 8023

CLARKEMICHAELMYSTORYThe applicable ‘Buy Two & Get One Free’ books  are as follows:

1. Michael Clarke’s My Story (2016), autobiography, hardback with dj, $45
  (quality hardback, co-written with Malcolm Knox)
2. AB de Villiers, The Autobiography (2016), hardback with dj, $45
3.  Supreme Bowling (2016), the 100 best Test bowling performances of them all, edited by Patrick Ferriday, hardback with dj, $45 (Contributors include David Frith, Stephen Chalke, Russell Jackson and myself (on Merv Hughes, Perth 1988-89). Not only the accepted greatest performances (Laker, Massie etc) but the signature moments from lesser lights like Jerome Taylor, Sikander Bakht and Bill Whitty). This is the companion volume to Masterly Batting.
4. Brad Haddin: My Family’s Keeper (2016), hardback with dj, $40
(poignant and emotional… truly absorbing… signed copies available, but please hurry to avoid disappointment)

5. Liam Hauser: A History of Test Cricket (2016),  (500+ pages), softback, $35
6. Mitchell Johnson: Resilient, the autobiography (2016), hardback with dj, $50
(When Dennis Lillee first sighted a teenage Mitch Johnson he immediately rated him a once-in-a-lifetime find. The Townsville tearaway lived up to all expectations, but it was a rocky ride which at one stage saw him driving trucks for a living after he lost his Queensland state contract). Co-written with Peter Lalor of The Australian.
7. Coach, Darren Lehmann (2016). Hardback with dj, 336 pages), $40Haddin 16 book(A unique insight into the heartbeat of a world-class cricket team. Co-written by Brian Murgatroyd)
8. Jim Maxwell: The Sound of Summer (2016), a memoir, hardback with dj, $40
(Autobiography of the ABC stalwart who has commentated on almost 300 Tests over four decades)
9. Jonathan Trott, Unguarded (2016), hardback with dw, $40
(much Australian interest given his many tussles at Test level against the Aussies)
10. Brendon McCullum, Declared (2016), hardback with dw, $50 (includes his fastest 100 in Test cricket in February, Co-written with Greg McGee)
11. Chris Rogers Bucking The Trend (2016), hardback with dj, $50 (My favourite new Christmas book.  Honest, revealing, absorbing. Signed by Chris)
12. Benaud, an appreciation by Brian Matthews, (2016), $30 (a Christmas release)

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