Circosta, Paul – Flicking the pages of cricket


New softback. Card covers. Includes index


New softback tracing the 70 year history of one of cricket’s smaller printed collectibles, the flicker book. Consists of 52 pages with more than 40 illustrations (most in colour). New

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  1. Ken

    Cricket is a game long on tradition and one that delves deeply into its bygone objects that tell the story of the players and key happenings in the game.
    Flicking the Pages of Cricket is a fascinating look at one of cricket’s smaller collectable artefacts – the cricket flicker book. These pocket sized books that are mostly viewed rather than read, document the techniques of leading player’s across cricket’s eras. Commonly referred to as “thumb theatre” they are not only books but an early form of pre cinema animation.
    The author has charted the progress of these unique cricket books over their 70 year history. Starting with their first release in England in 1930 and then onto the creation of new formats of these books in India and Australia. Flicking the Pages of Cricket is an in depth look at world of cricket flicker books and their contribution to the evolving story of cricket as a global and multi format game.

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