Piesse, Ken and Mark Browning – Bob’s Boys, SIGNED


Available in the spring. Soft covers. Signed


Sub titled: How the 1969-70 Victorians won the Sheffield Shield… it is the story of one fabulous domestic summer and the electrifying presence of an unheralded fast bowler with an action all of his own… (Froggie Thomson, see his memories below)

‘Bob’ was the legendary Bob Cowper, Victoria’s captain.

Released for the Golden Jubilee celebrations of the 1969-70 Vic boys, it is an A5 softback and will be released in the spring. Among those who have signed the limited edition (of 307) are Alan ‘Froggie’ Thomson, Alan Sieler, John Ward, Bruce Thomas, Rob Rowan and John Swanson.  80 pages.

Modelled on Against all Odds, the story of the 1966-67 Victorian Shield triumph which is now out of stock.

Pictured left is Norm Carlyon, the Victorian ‘keeper from 1969-70


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