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Piesse, Ken - Ken Piesse's ABC of Australian cricket, due October

Softback, due in October


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A quirky compendium of tall tales and true,  fun, oddities and anecdote from cricket’s master storyteller Ken Piesse.; softback, signed by the author

On the front cover actor William McInnes says: ‘Few can spin a yarn like Ken.’

This entertaining and unique ‘ABC’ includes:

The boy who saved Shane Warne from drowning;

The bush batting legend who forgot his bat;

The noted stone-waller who played boogie-woogie piano:

The cricket ground where one boundary is so close you are given only two;

The cricketer with the longest name;

The cricketer who went to the Caulfield races and was timed out;

The Test fast bowler who bowled in bloomers;

The opener who hitchhiked to his only Test;

The first blue-haired cricketer to take a Test wicket;

Australia’s consummate afternoon tea lady;

The grocer who revived West Australian cricket;

The 73-year-old who played first-grade;

The 30-stone bushie who dealt only in fours and sixes;

The wicketkeeping great forced to hock all his gear to pay gambing debts;

The farmer run out for 99 after his leg fell off;

The greatest straight drive ever seen on the Surf Coast;

The commentary great who left early and missed the tied Test;

The Melbourne fast bowler who dated Dusty Springfield;

The Aussie international who married four times;

& The Test batsman who was caught having turned for three.


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