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The White Warner, truly extraordinary

One of the privileges of handling cricket books for a living are the gems which come along every now and again. I can still remember my excitement at meeting a gentlemen in the Melbourne suburbs on the way to a cricket match and purchasing some of the oldest and rarest early Cricketana from him, including the ‘White Warner’  — No. 59 of 100 in the special deluxe subscriber’s edition.

warner1It includes a detailed hand written letter from the author to the previous owner, an Adelaide banker, written on the eve of the 1950-51 tour, talking of Warner’s many books and giving an opinion on the MCC side chosen for the tour downunder. It comes in a blue slips case and is very good to near mint condition. Gold tipped outer pages. One of the great books of all. Dimensions: 33cm x 27cm. Weight: 4.9kg, Padwick 83. Large, heavy magnificent magnum-opus of the game. It is for sale for $2000.

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