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What I have been doing in lockdown

On behalf of my Geelong cricket buddy Ken Davis, I have been editing his tribute book to his brother Barry Davis, a three-time AFL premiership player who also was a first XI cricketer at Essendon and made a half century in the famous 1965-66 District cricket final, the game in which Bill Lawry scored 282 not out.

Ken’s book is called Born to Play and will be available in the summer.

Barry with Doug Wade and John RanTall, 1975

It has some terrific moments, like the time at Arden Street when the fiery Ron Barassi, in a fit of pique, ordered his captain from the field.

‘Tell Ron I’m not coming off,’ said Davis

Barass met him I the race at half time and was about to deliver an almighty spray: ‘Don’t you dare say anything until you calm down,’said Davis. ‘We’ll talk about this then.’

And Barassi, the Messiah, backed off!

His captain Davis was the purest of champions, competitive, skilled, super fit… and a born diplomat. The issue was soon settled.

A three-time VFL premiership player, Davis led North Melbourne to its first ever premiership in 1975. The image of him being embraced immediately afterwards by a grateful Barassi is one of footy’s most-endearing images.

This tribute by Barry’s brother Ken comes 60 years after Davis first walked into Windy Hill – home of the electrifying John Coleman – beginning one of the most illustrious careers of all.

A member of both the Essendon and North Melbourne’s Teams of the Century, Davis was player, team-man, captain,coach, motivator, mentor and family man… he was truly Born to Play.

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